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Admissions / Tuition

If you have any questions or would like more information on enrollment / tuition please contact us!

Evangel Christian School is committed to providing a safe learning environment by adhering to the recommendations provided through the CDC guidelines and by collaborating with state and local health officials. 

Evangel Christian School Tuition and Fees

Monthly Tuition - $500

Registration - $300

Book/Activity Fee- $400

Due by July 15th


Senior Fee - $150

Due October 1st (Covers diplomas and other graduation expenses)



Unless full tuition and fees are paid in advance, it is required that all families contract with FACTS Tuition Management Services. FACTS works with more than one million families at approximately 5,000 schools to set up monthly payments through automatic bank or credit card deductions. September-July payments will be set up the 1st of each month through FACTS.  There is a yearly fee of $45.00 to start the contract with FACTS. Please visit or click on the logo above to set up your parent account. If you have any questions, please call the School office at 502-968-7744.

 Statement of Cooperation and Understanding

I understand that it is the policy of Evangel Christian School to make no refunds on the Registration Fee, Book Fee, and Activity Fee.   I understand that if I withdraw my child during the months of August – December (regardless of which month) Evangel Christian School requires payment through December.  I understand  if I withdraw  my child during the months of January – May, (regardless of which month) Evangel Christian School requires payment through June.  I understand my tuition payments are DUE THE 1ST OF EVERY MONTH.  When a tuition payment is not paid for two consecutive months, my child(ren) will be withheld from attending school until the account becomes current.  No transcripts or diplomas will be released until the account is paid in full.


I further understand that if my child or I fail to comply with the policies as set forth by Evangel Christian School that the Administration reserves the right to withdraw my child.


To the best of my ability I/we have provided accurate, truthful information on the Application of Admission.


This application does not assure final enrollment but provides information upon which a decision will be based.


1.  Please complete the registration packet. No

     need to print. Click on the ECS logo below to

     download the file.

2.  Save a copy under the student(s) last name

3.  Email as an attachment to:

4.  Once received, a confirmation email will be sent

5.  An appointment will be set for you to finish the

    enrollment process

For more information, please contact us

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