Fully Accredited, Affordable Christian Education

Our Mission

Evangel Christian School seeks to train and equip students spiritually, physically, and academically to discover and achieve their God-given destiny.

Welcome to Evangel Christian School
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Meeting the educational needs of our community in a safe & affordable way

Evangel Christian School is committed to providing a safe learning environment by adhering to the recommendations provided through the CDC guidelines and by collaborating with state and local health officials. Our first priority is to protect students, teachers, administrators, and staff by providing a hybrid of on-site and in-home learning.

The Joy

The joy that comes from the pride of accomplishment.
The joy of being challenged, and rising to the challenge.
The joy of feeling valued every day.

The Courage

The courage to lead and the courage to follow.
The courage to question and the courage to believe.
The courage to stand up for one’s convictions.

The Love

The love of learning and the love of serving.

The love of understanding and the joy of caring.

The love of helping and the appreciation of being helped.