Student Agreement of Conduct

Evangel Christian School is a Christian School that is a ministry Evangel World Prayer Center.   It is our desire that every school employee and student reflect a lifestyle pleasing to Jesus Christ.  Because of this, who we are and what we do, both on and off campus are extremely important.  Since the testimony of our lives is so important, you are asked to read and sign the following agreement which pertains to student conduct both on and off campus, during and after school.


  1. I agree to strive for excellence as a student in all I say and do.

  2. I agree to obey the Bible in speech and conduct.

  3. I agree to respect and cooperate with those in authority at the school.

  4. I agree to abstain from alcohol, drugs, and tobacco/nicotine (vaping).

  5. I agree to avoid cursing, sexual immorality, witchcraft, dissension, and cheating. These and other specific acts and attitudes that Evangel Christian School adheres to are cited in Galatians 5:19-21.

  6. I agree to the dress code that has been set by the school.

  7. I agree to submit to the discipline policy of the school

  8. I understand that any form of bullying, verbal or physical abuse at school or on social media will be grounds for expulsion.

  9. I understand that once I enroll at Evangel Christian School, I am part of the Evangel Christian Family wherever I am.  Therefore, I agree to avoid behavior, both on and off campus, which would dishonor Jesus Christ, the school, the church, my family and me.

  10. I understand  that the school can hold me accountable both on and off campus at any time during the year for any negative behavior.