NOTE:  Please read the following statements.  If there is any statement you cannot personally support, please make note of it and discuss it with us in a personal interview.  Generally, your honest inability to commit to any of these support measures would not necessarily prohibit acceptance into Evangel Christian School; however, we want you to know from the start the foundational premises of ECS; our parental expectations, and how important it is to have your personal support.
1. We have received and read the “Statement of Doctrinal Beliefs” of the school and are willing to have our children educated in accordance with them.
2. We will regularly and earnestly pray for Evangel Christian School.
3. We will fully cooperate in the educational activities at ECS by doing our best to make Christian education effective in the lives of our children.  
4. We will require our children to support the spiritual activities of the school (Chapel, Bible classes, Scripture memory, etc.)
5. We will pay all of our financial obligations to ECS on or before the date due.  If we are  unable to pay by the due date, we will notify the Finance Office, giving a reasonable explanation for the delay and stating when payments will be made. (Payments made after due date are subject  to late fees)
6. The school has full discretion in the discipline of children in accordance with the “dress code policy” and the “discipline policy” as published.
7. The school reserves the right to place children at the appropriate grade level and designate the appropriate teacher(s).
8. The school reserves the right to dismiss any student when either a parent/guardian or the student does not cooperate with the policies of the school.

A covenant is a binding agreement between two parties.  It signifies a solemn oath and sincere pledge of mutual respect and cooperation.  Evangel Christian School covenants to provide the best it can for your children in the way of facilities, curriculum, faculty, athletics, social functions, and instruction.  The school further pledges to do all possible to support your home in growing every student in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  
As the legal parents/guardians of our children, we covenant to support Evangel Christian School in its efforts at Christian education.  We agree that it is our responsibility to strive diligently toward the observance of the “Parent’s Statement of Support” as God enables us by the power of the Holy Spirit.  If for some reason we become dissatisfied, we promise to handle the matter as privately and lovingly as possible.  If support or resolution cannot be reached, we recognize it is our responsibility to leave Evangel Christian School and seek a school in alignment with our personal convictions.  Together, as a school and as parents/guardians we pledge to submit our lives to one another and to the final authority of the Word of God.