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Our Staff


joe washington2   debbiecollette        
Joe Washington   Debbie Collette    
 Head Principal     Middle Principal. 7th        
 Annette Curtsinger    Cindy Crouch    angielogsdon    paulacundiff
 Annette Curtsinger    Cindy Crouch    Angie Logsdon    Paula Cundiff
Director of Operations    Main Office     HS Office, Lunch    Art
andreawebb   Anh Vo Dewitt        
Andrea Webb   Ahn Dewitt    Tammy King    
 Kindergarten & First   2nd & 3rd     4th &5th    
Kolby Thomas             
HS Math             
Chelsea Norman   John Mueller   glennbrown    ChristianGrice
Chelsea Norman   John Mueller   Glenn Brown    Christian Grice
HS Science   English, Government   Computer Applications    Spanish
paulmeadowssized           kristinmonyhan 
Paul Meadows   John Carmichael   Jonathan Campbell    Kristin Monyhan 
Music    Bible   Drama    Social Sciences 

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